Board Information

Economic Development
The AI Strategic Task Force was established to study AI and GenAI technology and its impact on the state, including with respect to its employees, constituents, private business, and higher education institutions; to conduct outreach and collect input from stakeholders and experts; and to advise the Governor about how the Governor and executive branch can achieve the objectives of EO #628.

Board Members

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AI Strategic Task Force Board Members
Member↓↓Seat NameAppointing AuthorityTerm End Date
Erica BradshawSeat 1GovernorNo set end date
Usama FayyadSeat 2GovernorNo set end date
Santiago GarcesSeat 3GovernorNo set end date
Patricia GeliSeat 4GovernorNo set end date
Segun IdowuSeat 5GovernorNo set end date
Robert JohnsonSeat 6GovernorNo set end date
Meghan Verena JoyceSeat 18GovernorNo set end date
Pat LarkinSeat 7GovernorNo set end date
Jeffrey LeidenSeat 8GovernorNo set end date
Chrissy LynchSeat 22GovernorNo set end date
Spyros MatsoukasSeat 9GovernorNo set end date
Vipin MayarSeat 10GovernorNo set end date
Sears MerrittSeat 11GovernorNo set end date
Mike MilliganSeat 12GovernorNo set end date
Armen MkrtchyanSeat 13GovernorNo set end date
Jane MoranSeat 14GovernorNo set end date
Ed ParkSeat 15GovernorNo set end date
Rudina SeseriSeat 16GovernorNo set end date
Soundar SrinivasanSeat 17GovernorNo set end date
Fernanda ViegasSeat 19GovernorNo set end date
Grace WangSeat 21GovernorNo set end date
Jeremy WertheimerSeat 20GovernorNo set end date