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Workforce Training Fund Advisory Board

Board Information

Labor and Workforce Development
provides grants to Massachusetts employers to train current and newly hired workers
Term Limit: | Term Length: 6
Does not have a regular meeting schedule Meets for the purpose for reviewing and providing decision making for applications

Board Members

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Workforce Training Fund Advisory Board Members
Member↓↓Seat NameAppointing AuthorityTerm End Date
Ms. Joan M. AbbotEmp/Labor Employees AFL-CIO- 1GovernorJuly 24, 2023
Ms. Julie BradyEmp/Labor Employees AFL-CIO - 2GovernorJune 3, 2021
Ms. Kristin Maier CarlsonWorkforce Training Experience 1 (Public) (CHAIR)GovernorJune 3, 2023
Ms. Melissa CastroBusiness/Employer Rep 1GovernorJune 3, 2023
Ms. Jennifer DeluciaBusiness/Employer Rep. 3GovernorJune 10, 2023
Franklin PeraltaWorkforce Training Experience 2 (Public)GovernorJune 3, 2023
Ms. Julie B. Pinkham RNEmployees/Labor EmployeesGovernorJuly 14, 2017
Ms. Eneida Roman EsquireNon-Profit: WorkforceTraining Provider (Public)GovernorJune 3, 2021
-Business/Employer Rep 2GovernorJune 3, 2021