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Advisory Board to the Comptroller

Board Information

Administration and Finance
To "provide advice and counsel to the comptroller in the performance of his duties. The advisory board shall be responsible for reviewing any rules or regulations promulgated by the comptroller prior to their implementation. The advisory board shall also review prior to publication the annual financial report of the commonwealth published by the comptroller." MGL 7A Sec. 2
Term Limit: 0 | Term Length: 3
At least 4 times per year
Expenses only

Board Members

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Advisory Board to the Comptroller Board Members
Member↓↓Seat NameAppointing AuthorityTerm End Date
Auditor Suzanne BumpAuditorState Auditor-
Mr. Michael EsmondSeat 2 (U)GovernorSeptember 24, 2015
Deborah GoldbergTreasurerTreasurer-
Ms. Maura HealyAttorney GeneralAttorney General-
Mr. William MarchantChief Administrative Justice of the Trial Court (or Designee)Ex Officio-
Ms. Natalie MonroeSeat 1 (D)GovernorDecember 16, 2020
-EXO Secretary of A&FEx Officio-