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Governor's Commission on Intellectual Disabilities

Board Information

Health and Human Services
To examine the quality and comprehensiveness of the Commonwealth's program of services designed to address the wide variety of needs of people with intellectual disability.
Term Limit: 0 | Term Length: 3
Expenses only

Board Members

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Governor's Commission on Intellectual Disabilities Board Members
Member↓↓Seat NameAppointing AuthorityTerm End Date
Mr. James T. BrettAt-Large Seat 3 (Chair)GovernorDecember 3, 2026
Amy CarnevaleAt-Large Seat 6GovernorDecember 3, 2019
Mr. James CassettaAt-Large Seat 9GovernorDecember 3, 2019
Ms. Marjorie M. CohenAt-Large Seat 5GovernorDecember 3, 2019
Doreen CummingsAt-Large Seat 11GovernorJune 17, 2018
George FordAt-Large Seat 2GovernorDecember 3, 2019
Ms. Anne FrachtAt-Large Seat 1GovernorDecember 3, 2017
Ms. Becca GouldAt-Large Seat 12GovernorDecember 3, 2022
Joanne JaxtimerAt-Large Seat 10GovernorDecember 3, 2021
Sarah JoorAt-Large Seat 8GovernorDecember 3, 2017
Joann SimonsAt-Large Seat 4GovernorApril 1, 2018
Jennifer TreselerAt-Large Seat 13GovernorDecember 3, 2018
Paul ZerolaAt-Large - Seat 7GovernorJune 2, 2018